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Unless you're deeply interested in skincare it can be easy to start using cosmetics without giving much thought to the ingredients in them and the purposes they serve, especially when by law they must be listed by their INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients -what a mouthful!) names.  The INCI classifies ingredients systematically so that allergens can be identified by medical professionals worldwide in the event of adverse reactions, plus it has other benefits built into it.  Most people aren't familiar with the INCI list though so are likely to feel unenlightened after reading the Latinate ingredients on packets or containers.  For instance, 'persea gratissima oil' probably doesn't say much to many but its English name of avocado oil may have the visualisers amongst us seeing images of pear-shaped, green textured fruit and wondering why that's in their favourite hand cream rather than something else... or maybe not if they're incurious.

Whilst it may seem to some that things like oils and other skincare constituents would be much the same as each other, their chemical composition varies and, as a result, so do their properties and the benefits they bring to a formula.  In turn, each impacts skin differently and on occasion negatively, so it's helpful even for the most apathetic skincare user to develop a familiarity with ingredients and their potential, whether neutral, unhelpful or beneficial.  Their origins, production methods, and transportation are relevant too.   Bearing this in mind, this is an introduction to a series of blogs focusing on ingredients used in Bones loves Bubbles' products.  Loosely, the idea is to introduce the ingredient, its INCI name and give an overview of it including any controversy about it, a brief outline of evidence for scientific claims made about it, information about where the raw material comes from and the implications this may have for the environment and human rights, plus things it's useful to know in terms of skincare.

My hope is it will enable you to become more aware of what you're buying, of what may suit your needs in different circumstances, and what may be better for your skin.  I hope you find it useful - please let me know what you think.


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  1. Eileen

    Really interesting and informative blog! Makes me want to try the products, as so much research and care has obviously gone into this!?

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